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Visual artistic expression and creativity have always been a part of my life.

My work is dominated by two very different forms of sculptural expression. “My People” as I refer to them are sometimes African American and sometimes images of African tribes. In my visual narratives of African Americans I reflect on the neighborhood protagonist of my childhood. My sculptural narratives of African Americans reflect a new 21st century culture corrupted by the underground economy of drugs. My images of Africa faces are inspired by the beautiful endangered people of the Omo River Valley, who daily create works of art using their bodies as the sculptural material.

My most recent form of visual expression is influenced by my formal training from abstract artists of the 50s and 60s. These dynamic wall hangings are melodies of rhythm, color, texture, form and movement. They are meant to delight the eye and to provide an opportunity of new visual discovery each time you reflect upon a

When my journey is complete I may be asked…

“And what was it like?”
“What did you see? ... feel?”
“What stories have you to tell?”

Before the journey ends, I now take time to express in my sculptures the images that over the years have been recorded in my mind’s eye. These images reflect themes and concepts that come from life experience, my sociological imagination and joy of kaleidoscope.

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